Everlasting. Everywhere.
Evergrowing. No end is there.
Ever-present in timeless dimensions
We all are blasting old conventions.

Where love melts into fusion
there is no more illusion,
but only hopeful sparks and glens
veracity inside an utmost glance.

When wonders shine from high above
all human beings become love.
They’re getting closer together
and so invoke a new weather

of brightness, light and shelter
spreading ourselves in gracious realty
of glorious joy and inner strength.
From now on we are marching lengths.

Our new landing
is expanding
inside ourselves
while all odd burdens melt.

Love is the king and wisdom the queen
we all exist no longer in between
but we hold the line
until everyone is holistically fine.

(Impuls aus dem lauschenden Sein, 22./23.11.2019, Birgitta Borghoff)

2019 Text, Stimme, Akkordeon, Bild- und Video-Design by Birgitta Borghoff

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