The Power of the Divine Feminine

Always and again
you result in acting like a man.
Although you are a powerful wife
it seems that men can better strive
to be successful in what they do
while you as a woman have to wear the well-worn shoes
that have never been your style
‘cause they hinder you to rest for an essential while
to recover and focus your creative energy
that is a sparkling source for the whole we
consisting of all people on planet earth
that are all worth
to be loved exactly the way they are
and thus rise again like a new-born star.

The women of the world are the potential in the now
although they mainly not show up in the first row
which men have covered for centuries
in order to defend their families.
But now there is another time
and it is the women that are not only allowed but have to shine.
They have to take back their places
while showing themselves naked
in their pure essence and divine soul
in order to help mankind to become again whole.
So that the balance of female and male is guaranteed
and both together sow the new starseed.
This is what we all need!

(Impulse from the listening higher self, 26 July 2020, Birgitta Borghoff)

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